The 2022 will be released in 3 batches. Day 1 to 10, Day 11 to 20, final result Day 21 – 30. The one presented below is is that of day 1 to 10

Name of ParticipantsCartegoryDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day. 9Day 10Total score
Adeleke JohnJunior10910891010981093
Adebayo TitilopeJunior799810101088786
Babalola RofiatJunior888888789880
Adele MosunmolaJunior878889879880
Isiaq BamitaleJunior81011111089910894
Jimoh AdamJunior67108977891081
Adeola GaniyatJunior997878878677
Adenrele MuizSENIOR7877885108977
Ahiwe EmmanuelSENIOR--1-23--7-13
Aládé IsmaeelSENIOR897889777979
Alausa AbrahamSENIOR567576768764
Nwakwo ChidimmaSENIOR467555644753
Oluwadare JohnsonSENIOR757665676560
Suraju DanlawanSENIORAB
Adeleke ShadrachUpper Primary765668677-58
Adeola AdenikeUpper Primary-77668776660
Adeosun GbengaUpper Primary-6--79-77-36
Ismail OlaoluwaUpper Primary6777710987775
Luqman AishaUpper PrimaryAB0
Tijani RokibatUpper Primary-7888769101073

Pls find below 2022 results of days 11 – 20. Days 21 – 30 will be released as soon as the competition is over. Pls anticipate.

Name of ParticipantsCartegoryDay 1-10Day 11Day 12Day 13Day 14Day 15Day 16Day 17Day 18Day. 19Day 20Total score
Adeleke JohnJunior93109108910109810186
Adebayo TitilopeJunior867998101010887172
Babalola RofiatJunior808888887867156
Adele MosunmolaJunior808788878776154
Isiaq BamitaleJunior94810111110899108188
Jimoh AdamJunior8110108.17.799101040158.8
Adeola GaniyatJunior779978788786154
Adenrele MuizSENIOR777877785989152
Ahiwe EmmanuelSENIOR1354--6-----28
Alade IsmaeelSENIOR798478897779153
Alausa AbrahamSENIOR645675767687128
Nwakwo ChidimmaSENIOR534675556447106
Oluwadare JohnsonSENIOR607576656765120
Suraju DanlawanSENIORAB
Adeleke ShadrachUpper Primary58765668677-116
Adeola AdenikeUpper Primary60-777-6--6699
Adeosun GbengaUpper Primary3610457-6----68
Ismail OlaoluwaUpper Primary7567777109877150
Luqman AishaUpper Primary0AB
Tijani RokibatUpper Primary73-78887691010146
Name of ParticipantsCartegoryDay 11-20Day 21Day 22Day 23Day 24Day 25Day 26Day 27Day 28Day. 29Day 30Final scorePOSITION
Adeleke JohnJunior1861091089101093-2642nd
Adebayo TitilopeJunior17279981010108272523rd
Babalola RofiatJunior15654532323371937th
Adele MosunmolaJunior15487544463-21975th
Isiaq BamitaleJunior188810111110899-82721st
Jimoh AdamJunior158.80877878---203.84th
Adeola GaniyatJunior154537374272-1946th
Adenrele MuizSENIOR15278777859892271st
Ahiwe EmmanuelSENIOR2854--6-----436th
Alade IsmaeelSENIOR7984778677791495th
Alausa AbrahamSENIOR12856767676871932nd
Nwakwo ChidimmaSENIOR10646755564471594th
Oluwadare JohnsonSENIOR12075766567651803rd
Suraju DanlawanSENIORAB
Adeleke ShadrachUpper Primary116765668677-1743rd
Adeola AdenikeUpper Primary99-777-6--661384th
Adeosun GbengaUpper Primary6810457-6----1005th
Ismail OlaoluwaUpper Primary15067777868772201st
Luqman AishaUpper Primary0ABAB
Tijani RokibatUpper Primary146-788876910102192nd

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2022 participants for successfully completing the ten sums a competition.

It has not been easy and this is why we must salute your courage. The participants that made 1st to 3rd in each category have been invited to a zoom event where a mini closing ceremony and presentation of gift will be done.

Other participants will be sent a certificate of participation in recognition of their efforts. Their Parents will receive it and it should be archived on their behalf.

Also a quick review will be sent, please let’s endeavor to give our honest opinion about the competition.

Until next edition, bye for now.