We are extremely delighted to welcome you to another wonderful edition of ten sums a day online quiz competition. Last year edition was a great experience for the students who participated and it is our hope that this edition will be more grandeur.

Winners in the last edition shared their testimony and that can be read here.

This year edition is designed to be more convenient for users, for example, you can proceed to make payments from here.

If you are new, you create your account here. If you have your account already created, you can log in straight away and attempt the daily quiz.

If you wish to read the guidelines for this competition once again, this is very important as a candidate can easily be disqualified if they break the rules or guidelines. Read the guidelines again.

In readiness for the competition, prospective participants are advised to retake the sample quiz for their categories few days before commencement. The sample quiz would have been optimized in such a way that only registered participants can attempt it, unlike now that everyone can attempt the quiz. You can take the sample quiz here.

If you find yourself reading this post, then accept my hearty congratulations, as this is the best known way to make a productive use of your holidays.

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