This is a web-based competition and it is guided by the following rules and regulations;

  • The competition runs every day for 30 days.
  • Participants must have access to a PC or a mobile device with a stable internet.
  • Any participants found to have supplied false information will automatically be disqualified
  • Participants shall not seek external support while answering the quizzes. Pls note that the conveners are experienced tutors and curated questions are inserted to detect participants seeking external aid.
  • The quiz is timed, Participants are advised to solve each of the sums before their time expires.
  • Participants are advised not to retake test, even if the system prompts them to do so. There is a 25% reduction in scores when tests are retaken.
  • Participants are advised to do corrections taking the advantage of answers being provided at the end of each test.